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A mother's influence is undeniable. When it came time to name their new label, it made sense that it should honor their spirited (and red-headed) mothers. After all, the couple inherited their deep love and respect for the land from these passionate women.

Annie Rossi has a fondness for growing things. Every summer and into autumn, her garden blooms with tomatoes, zucchini, rocket onions, basil, and melons. And because she delights in the beauty the bouquets offer right there in their natural place, there are always zinnias, whose colors seem to dance between the rows. Annie is happiest in her garden. It is her refuge and sanctuary.

Ric's mother grew up among the orange groves of Pomona. The daughter of a fairly well-known surgeon who settled his family in agriculture-centric California, she inspired her children to value good, growing things. While many knew her as a nursery school teacher, Ric remembers her not at the blackboard but on her knees in her garden. One of Roz Wallace's purest joys was found in working the soils and in providing rich, natural foods for her family.

This nature-inspired joy formed a common bond between the Rossi-Wallace women. Although they never had the chance to meet, the land would have connected these proud, passionate - or Feisty, as Ric and Cheryl like to say - moms. It is a tribute to them both that their children share this organic connection.

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Premium Napa Valley Pinot Noir. New Release -- Limited Production. Ric Forman and Cheryl Emmolo are offering their new release of high quality, limited production, Napa Valley Pinot Noir in honor of their mothers, Annie Rossi and Roz Wallace.

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