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Ric gets a work-out with 2 daily punch-downs!

"We like elegant, structured wines rather than those big blockbusters, wines that are intriguing rather than overwhelming."

As Cheryl says, We like wines that are pretty. Both Ric and Cheryl love the almost exotic perfume Pinot Noir possesses when it's not been made, as Ric would say, Overeagerly. In this and every vintage, the goal is to make wine that is ethereal in lightness but heavy in intrigue.

Rossi-Wallace 2014 Napa Valley Pinot Noir:

Small Lot Pinot Noir   Ric talks about the 2014 Rossi-Wallace Pinot Noir
"Cheryl and I like elegant wines which express their varietal imprint and terroir on which the grapes grew. The exotic perfume of Pinot Noir from a properly chosen site and made in a classic Burgundian fashion could be one of the most wonderful experiences wine can offer. It is our goal to achieve this with our Rossi-Wallace Pinot Noir."

Rossi-Wallace 2014 Pinot Noir
Way back in 1990 I was given the chance to experiment with Pinot Noir grown at Atlas Peak Vineyard owned then and now by famed Piero Antinori. Piero has been a long-time friend for which I am honored. The wine then was very intriguing – Parker wrote that it reminded him of a distant cousin with initials DRC. Wow! I became intrigued also and continued to experiment on occasion with Piero’s blessings. I even tried blends with Nebbiolo also from his vineyard.

Well, ahead to present, I am more than experimenting now. Cheryl and I have made a brand out of the production from the Atlas Peak Vineyard. We continue to learn more each year. The 2014, we think, is following in pursuit of our enthusiasm over this special Pinot Noir vineyard.

I choose to ferment in small batches from ¾ ton to 4 ton lots and when possible hand punch the cap. Pinot is so different from Cabernet. It requires vastly different techniques. Less is always better. After fermentation, the newly pressed wine goes into Burgundy barrels, 30% new, and undergoes malolactic. The lees are stirred as with Chardonnay and the wine is never racked.

Cherry & violet aromas jump from the glass followed by a subtle but pleasantly warm smoky oak. Is this Burgundy or California Pinot Noir? This one is lively in the mouth with perfect acidity and fruit forward flavors; everything Pinot is expected to offer! There's something about Pinot that speaks to your comfort zone …. Ahhh, yum! Click here for statistics.

Price: $28/bottle

Production: 35 barrels (831 Cases)

Offered in 6-packs for $168.00 (plus tax and shipping)

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Rossi-Wallace 2014 "Rutherford" Napa Valley Chardonnay:

St. Helena   Ric talks about the 2014 Rossi-Wallace Chardonnay
In todays' world, there are two styles of Chardonnay. There's the big, bold and full-bodied and there is the refined and pure; with intrigue and subtlety. People need BOTH.

Rossi-Wallace 2014 Chardonnay
We also continue to experiment with Chardonnay for our Rossi-Wallace brand. For the Forman Chardonnay I have used grapes from the now famed Rutherford Star Vineyard. Forman Chardonnay fruit source for the last 30 years. The Rossi-Wallace also comes from Star but is treated purposely differently from Forman. Cheryl and I want a Chardonnay for Rossi-Wallace to be as pure to type and refreshing as possible. It is picked a little earlier than the Forman version, treated the same, i.e. whole cluster pressed but then is fermented in 70 gallon stainless steel barrels rather than Burgundy barrels. Left sur lees for five months and stirred, it develops richness but in a different manner than the Forman Burgundy barrel version. As with the Forman, malolactic is not allowed.

Rossi-Wallace has always aimed at purity and focus and the 2014 certainly fits that model. A delicate perfume of honeysuckle blends beautifully with the sur lees; almost champagne-like -- toasty, vanilla aromas. Crisp, clean and so refreshing in the flavor. What a perfect food wine and a wine, because of it's minerality and structure, will develop some very beautifully complex aromatics and flavors. It's obvious from these notes .... this is not the BlockBuster style but oh so elegant. Does "Chablis" come to mind? Click here for statistics.

Price: $25/bottle

Production: 251 cases

Offered in 6-packs for $150.00 (plus tax and shipping)

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Premium Napa Valley Pinot Noir. New Release -- Limited Production. Ric Forman and Cheryl Emmolo are offering their new release of high quality, limited production, Napa Valley Pinot Noir in honor of their mothers, Annie Rossi and Roz Wallace.

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